Importance of Social Media for Small Businesses

It’s a bit harder for small businesses to get the word out because of their restricted resources. No matter how small your business is, it’s important to establish your own identity and to connect to your target customer so the brand will flourish and gain customer loyalty. Start-up and small-scale businesses nowadays depend on social media platforms to establish their brand online and to reach their target audience.

Social media for small businesses has become a critical marketing solution because people these days are much attuned to their social media activities. And because social media is cheaper and faster in terms of accessibility, start-ups and small businesses take advantage of the features offered on social media platforms to further their brand and gross.

According to studies, 80% of consumers are likely to purchase or deal with a brand because of its effective online presence and publicity. The key to exploit the benefits of social media for small businesses efficiently is to map out your business’ social media strategy and use online gimmickry to attract consumers.

Tips When Using Social Media for Small Businesses

  1. Identify Your Target Consumers

It’s important to know the type of consumers that you want to connect with so you can determine the kind of platform/s that you will use. For example, Facebook users are more diverse and abundant that’s why it’s a good platform for start-up brands who want to establish their identity online.

  1. Be Visual

Use pleasant images or even videos of your products and services so social media users can see the actual presentations of the products you’re selling. If you’re managing a start-up restaurant or a mom-and-pop-type eatery, post vivid images of your meals (specifically on Instagram) so users will be curious and tempted to try them out.

  1. Interact with Users

It’s important for small businesses to communicate with their audience so they will feel they’re prioritized, which will then lead to customer loyalty. Answer the queries and comments from social media users and give them additional information if possible. Search your business’ name on Twitter and Instagram (through hashtags) and talk to users if they find your products unsatisfying.

  1. Promos and Discounts

Come up with online promos and gimmicks that will engage your customers to participate. Add the Sharing options to the mechanics so the participants can help spread your promos and help expand your online presence.



The Benefits of Using Photobooths at Trade Shows


If you are participating in a trade show, using photobooths may give you an edge. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing photo booths during a trade show:

  1. It attracts many consumers.

Most people want to have their pictures taken. In this generation of selfies, having photo booths during your trade show is one of the best and most effective ways to attract consumers. Your potential clients will have a great time posing with your products in a photo booth. Picture booths also have a lot of props that your potential clients can play with so they will certainly have a great time in front of the camera.

  1. It is one form of advertisement.

Using photobooths during your trade show is a strong marketing ploy. You can print your company logo on the photos or photo frames — doing this will increase brand recognition. You can also print basic information about your products and services on each photo. The photos may serve as an instant advertisement of your products and services.

  1. It is cost-effective.

Hiring photo booths is cost-effective. It is relatively cheaper compared to other forms of advertisement. You can hire a photo booth for a few dollars per hour. Hiring a photo booth costs less and yet it yields many benefits.

  1. It will help your company stand out.

Trade shows are usually boring. But, having a photo booth in your commercial booth is a sure way to stand out from all the other participating companies. Visitors will surely flock toward your area in the trade show. Having a photo booth inside your commercial space enhances the overall trade show experience of your customers.

Photo booths are fun. It is something that all types of people can enjoy. Best of all, it is definitely a way to attract consumers during a trade show.

If you’re looking for a photo booth company in the South East, you can hire a photo booth with OMG Entertainments in Essex. OMG have 5 star reviews on their website and are recommended personally by Invest South East England.

Invest South East England launches to get people buying local


Welcome to Invest South East England, the site launched by local businessman Alex Bolton to get people to buy local and keep the local economy going.

The site will be showcase all sorts of local businesses in which we aim to help their exposure and to make people think about their shopping habbits.

The last recession hit businesses of all sizes badly, especially the smaller businesses, and our high streets wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have the varioty of shops small boutique shops along with the big brands we all know.

If you own a local business and like to get it featured on Invest South East England then please get in touch with us over on the contact form.