How to Be Hired by Microsoft Azure recruitment Agencies


If you are an IT developer or IT professional, then you can choose to be productive with Microsoft Azure. Their services are so functional and powerful that they are considered to be as one of the best integrated tools in the digital marketing systems which aim to increase not just the company’s performance but your performance as an individual as well. The tools under the umbrella of Azure include pre-built templates and management services to give solutions to the building and management of the overall enterprise whether mobile, web apps.

If you have the capability to use your skills and have the appropriate technologies which will support you, then there are so many recruitment agency that partners with Microsoft to hire you. Since Microsoft has become a front liner when it comes to giving cloud infrastructure as a service option and a name that offers services like application platform they have committed itself to the expansion of their scope. Thus, there is no wonder that many partner agencies including Hancock & Parsons would get you as an IT professional.

Before you extend your IT knowledge, let us further discover what is Azure and what it does for various firms. It is good to always note that Microsoft Azure supports a huge selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, tools and other devices. To name a few of the specific services it offers, here is a comprehensive list:

  • Linux with Docker Integration
  • JavaScript applications
  • Python
  • Back-end building for iOS, android and windows devices

Now, these four are just the few of the many service offerings you can get from Azure and bear in mind that they need a lot of people who can support them in giving these Azure cloud services. Again, if you have the skills and eagerness to learn more things, then go and get hired by Microsoft’s partner agencies. There you can support and use the technologies that the millions of developers and IT experts use in different countries across the globe.

Do not worry too much about the technicalities because Azure is known to have easy schemes to follow and use because it integrates well with your existing IT environment. With Azure’s services, you can form hybrid cloud solutions. In addition to this, you will be free from too much complexity and cost.

Now, if you think you really lack the expertise, then there exist so many Microsoft learning partners where you can broaden your knowledge and IT skills. Learn Microsoft technology by enrolling to a Microsoft Official Courses (MOC). These partners can give you the suitable and authorized training options that you need in getting a Microsoft certification successfully. The MOC is available anytime and anywhere; this means you can learn different Microsoft skills at your own time and pace. Another good thing about it is, you can also choose to avail several courses in an online, on-demand format for your convenience. Once you acquire the certificate, you can easily be hired by the different Microsoft Azure recruitment agencies and use those learned and expanded skills for your growth and development.

5 Basic Services offered in Barbers London

Everyone wants to look good inside and the outside thus, people are finding ways in order to groom themselves properly. One of the greatest options that you should do in order to achieve an attractive appearance is to visit a barbershop and get yourself a treat. What are the services offered by a barber and what does a typical barber do?

This is the most common ritual that men always get in the barbershop. Is haircut just a mere cutting of hair? The answer is a big no. A hair cut is a series of rituals for some hair salons which include more than just trimming of the hair but also neck shave and a shoulder massage. Now, your hair cut will always be based on your preference unless you want the hairdresser to give you the haircut which would match your looks and facial features. You can choose from a contemporary to a trendy hair style.

Today, there are so many barbers in UK which willingly offer you regular to special type of haircuts. These stylists have basic barbering techniques and more than that. There are various techniques these barbers could use including scissor over comb and clippering to ensure a superior result. Most of the popular barber shops in london are well-trained so that they could give every client the utmost satisfaction in their grooming needs.

  1. Shampooing and other hair application.

Wash and style is a service that tops in the list when you visit a salon. This shampooing is not only for women but for men as well. Normally before the haircut is done, some shampooing is done and after the haircut, some suitable finishing products like conditioner will be applied to make you look and feel fresh when you leave the shop.

  1. Face cleansing and treatments.

Of course, like women, men also need facial grooming. This service include shaving of the beard. When shaving, you have options to choose from like wet and dry shaving. Also, you can try reshaping and detailing the beard or moustache to make it look great with exceptional detailing. A barber shop also could provide you with extra services such as removing facial hairs and facial exfoliation to avoid skin irritation. Again, after this facial services are done, the salon applies a facial massage or luxurious post-shaved products for less irritation and slower growth of hairs in the future.

  1. Technical services.

These services mean hair enhancement and application to improve the quality of men’s hair. Like for example of a man’s hair is dry and frizzy, then he should undergo technical services to improve it. In addition to this, it also include hair coloring services. There is a huge spectrum of color selection where you can pick what you think matches your overall look.

This does not mean cutting your hair. Sometimes, men just want to tidy up their hair without the need of any hair application and cut. Some barbers in London offer a neck, back, side, ear, nose and throat shaving and hair cutting to make you look sharper from the previous look.

Tips to Plan for Business Travel

AgencyServicesClocksBusiness travel is not something which is easy for you. Sleeping on flights, packing for trips constantly and staring endlessly at mobile devices can actually make you irritated. Business travel may not be always a happy moment for any of us however it is important to acknowledge the staff who actually are helpful. It is possible to actually get extraordinary service, itinerary changes, updates etc when you actually look for services with politeness. There are chances for you to actually feel annoyed when there are some issues with flight. If you are polite and kind many things can be easily dealt with. Here are some of the tips which can make your business travel much better.

Limiting Luggage for Carry On
It is better for you to actually limit the luggage as there is already a popular saying less luggage more comfort. If you are having too many luggage there are chances for you to miss out things which can really messup things and may delay even the time to meeting. It is better to bring a carry on and checking in flight online and straightly go towards security. If you are not actually checking baggage there is no need for waiting for the same when you are landing.

Use Technology for Planning
It is good for you to check out the best possible apps or websites so that you can check out the seating plan in the airplane which include information related with legroom seats, in seat – power ports and also limited recline. It is good for you to even request for seat change if you feel that it is near to lavatories or the exit row. You can even use the best website or apps for booking restaurants in the destination rather than calling out in various restaurants in destination. Ensure that you have GPS with the map of the destination so that it really become much easier for driving the rental car in new place to all those spots you want to travel.

Joining Rewards Program
It is good to join some rewards program if you have business travel very frequently. Joining such programs help you in saving quite a lot of money and also availing so many discounts too. There are many airline companies that even offer rental cars for shuttling you to the facility of the company. It is really a good way for you to cut down the costs when you have business travel.

Luxury Chauffeur Services
Luxury chauffeur services can be a lot more helpful than you would realise. Not only does it take all of the stress out of getting to the airport but since you are travelling for business then you can place your attention on your work rather than stressing over minor details. So with that in mind visit and start the planning beforehand.

Do the Packing Prior and Note Down Necessary Pone Numbers for Emergency
It is good to do the packing for the business travel prior to the trip so that you need not have to worry on the day of the trip on forgetting anything. You should also know the numbers to which you need to call in case of any emergencies that you face during the trip.

Things That Make Office Messy Without Realising It

Buried BusinesswomanPapers

It doesn’t seem much but if you really take the time to sort through all the papers you have, just on your desk alone, you’d see how much space it’s taking up. All the reports, receipts, memos, notes, and more are no joke.


Yes you need pens at the office, but do you need all 43 of them? Chances are you don’t even use half of those and another half of the other half is probably not working already. Toss those that you don’t really need or use.


You don’t know where it comes from and don’t see it piling up and yet they manage to colonise your space. Well, don’t be surprised because even you yourself shed skin cells and contribute to dust. Always remember to give your desk and the rest of your space a regular wipe down.


Jackets, scarves, socks, and gym clothes are fine to have on you just in case you need them. But if you have more than one of each lounging around with the dirty ones piling up, that’s not okay. Pick up your extra bags and make a note to yourself to take it home with you…and wash them!


Cleaning your printer and computer is a basic when it comes to ICS office cleaning, yet we seem to overlook them. It will save the office from having to buy new ones or having it serviced, dirt can often cause them to malfunction unless you take it upon yourself to clean them once in a while.


We all love working whilst sipping coffee or munching on something, but let’s make it common practice to clean after ourselves when spills, dirt, and odours happens due to the food that we’re hoarding on our desk. Office cleaning services only come maybe once or twice a month at the most (unless you hire a regular cleaner); if everybody waits for them to clean their own mess the entire office will look and smell like mess.

Office Knick-Knacks

The office is a place for work, while one or two toys or picture frame is fine, too much will simply make your desk look like a museum. Keep it to a minimum and remember what your desk and space is for at the office.

Problems Frequently Encountered In The World Of Business With Regards To IT

it_support_picNot allowing everything to come to a standstill

The usage of technology has been incorporated into our lives to such an extent that it appears as though we cannot survive without them. It seems as though all it would take is one technical error for the whole system to come crumbling down. If you wish to ensure your business runs smoothly, you will have to avoid such errors. You will have to make it certain that your work is not interrupted or affected due to problems in the IT department.

We are now going to take a look at some of the problems that are frequently encountered in the field of business with respect to IT. If you are aware of the common problems that might come your way, you will be able to take the precautionary steps, thereby ensuring that things do not go against you.

The problems faced often

The competition in the world of business is increasing day by day. If you are looking to sustain in this tough environment, you will have to evade certain problems that might impact your business. Let us now discuss some of the issues that you should be wary of.

Problems with hardware or software

Failing to update your technological equipment is amongst the most common problems that are faced in the business world. Many companies fail to understand that there is a lifespan of all the technology that you make use of. Servicing of every equipment that you use is rather important. For instance, when we talk about IT, the computer is something that needs to function in an optimal manner. All sorts of details and data are stored in it and thus, it would lead to dire effects on your business if your system collapses. Therefore, it needs to be ensured that you have your computers and other similar equipment serviced regularly. Furthermore, do not try to run them beyond a certain point.

IT-managed services

In order to ensure that this department is maintained to the highest order, you need to form an ally with a reliable and professional IT service provider like The problems that have been mentioned above can be dealt with effectively if you know the right people for the job. There is a lot at stake here. Thus, do not take this matter lightly and do not settle for anyone. Make sure that you have the best people on board for the purpose who will be able to ensure that your work is not affected and the operations of your business continue to proceed smoothly.

Power protection

Power outage, voltage spikes or fluctuations can damage your equipment and electronics. This would lead to all your data being lost. In order to deal with this problem, you can make use of battery-backed devices.

Going down the illegal road

This is a mistake that is often committed by businesses. Purchase of illegal software, in the end, does more harm than good.

10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Office

It’s understandable that an office is a place of work however it is also a place that someone spends the majority of their life working. Being in a dull and lifeless office environment really can drain people and ultimately when someone is not happy in the environment they are working in then they tend to be less productive. As a a business owner it would be a good idea to create a healthy and lively office to inspire your employees to work harder and you might find that they even enjoy themselves at work. So here are 5 ways to brighten up your office:

Office Games

Everyone needs to take a break every once in a while and an office game is a great way to take a 5 minute break to relax or even to boost work morale. There of course is the original game of chucking scraps of paper in the bin but why not take that further and invest in a basketball net above the bin or even a mini dartboard.resized_olympics-20120712-0034

Office Plants

Sometimes the colours in offices are so bland that it in turn can make a person feel bland. With Deedman office plant hire your office will have a new lease of life and will be a lot brighter, not to mention that it will teach your employees the importance of care in their work as they care for the plants.Exhibition


Some people can find the motivational posters that are often branded round offices a bit patronising but truthfully it is never a good idea to just have blank walls. Whether you plaster your logo on the wall or simply put up a notice board never leave your walls as a blank canvas.Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.29.02

Office Ornaments

Most people in offices will have their own desk and somehow become very territorial over their area so why not allow your employees to make it their own and personalise their desk with a few office ornaments.crystal_office_ornaments

Office Food Cupboard/Fridge

Having an area with food or a fridge is a great idea to keep your staff motivated. Having food will have them working hard to get to lunchtime and then in turn working hard to finish the day. It’s almost like the stick and the carrot.Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.31.06


Leaflet Distribution Scams Your Business Needs To Avoid


When it comes to leaflet distribution marketing, it is counterproductive to allocate some personnel to plan and run the campaign. It is much more efficient to hire a leaflet distribution Kent campaign to do everything for you. A lot of companies recognize this which gives the distribution industry the opportunity to flourish. As of now, there are thousands of leaflet distribution companies offering their services around the world. And just like in any other industry, there are organizations which try to take advantage of this opportunity to make money easily. In every area, there will be several leaflet distribution companies which run scams. And here are the different leaflet distribution scams you need to avoid.

  1. Non-delivery – One of the factors critical to the success of a leaflet distribution campaign is the delivery of the leaflets to the potential customers. There are distribution contractors which promise to deliver the leaflets however, they will not go through with the arrangement.
  2. Postcode sector – Some leaflet distribution companies would overcharge clients claiming it will cost more to run a distribution campaign on the desired target area. Do not bargain with such company but look for another company instead.
  3. Low cost – With a lot of competition in the distribution industry, there are companies offering low rate services. Though leaflet distribution companies use this to acquire clients, they would sometimes do a poor job or their employees would due to the low compensations they are getting. It is much better to acquire services with reasonable rates so you can expect better service.
  4. Verification – It is hard even for the distribution companies to verify if their employees went and distribute to the designated target area. Some would simply claim they have verified that the distribution campaign was conducted properly. Make sure to inquire how they verify this. If they are using a GPS or other effective means, then their claim is credible.
  5. Targeting – There are times when the client company has an idea of their desired target but does not know the exact location of their target. Leaflet distribution companies would help the client choose the target area for them. However, make sure to check their process or system of selecting a target area and if it is good or simply done in random.
  6. Contract – Always make sure to read the contents of a contract no matter how short it is. Some companies would add hidden charges and fees in the contract to scam their client.
  7. Timescale – There are companies which want to run a leaflet distribution campaign right away in a short period. If you are planning such campaign, inquire if the distribution company has sufficient personnel to run the campaign in your desired timescale.
  8. Multi-drop – There are companies which will run your leaflet distribution campaign along with other campaigns to save time and effort. Do not hire such companies as your business could potentially lose customers and credibility.
  9. Fake review – If you are trying to read reviews about a leaflet distribution company, do not check their website as they can filter the reviews. It is better to check independent review websites to get a realistic view about the company performance.
  10. Google complaint – Companies providing poor services or doing scams would often get negative reviews online. Check if the company is trying to hide these reviews by flooding positive fake reviews.

Useful Tips To Save On Office Electric Bills

energy_savingCard meters is the new trend of electric meter. Millions of people are now switching to card meters the moment their power companies provide the option. There are a lot of advantages of having a card meter including in offices. However, regardless of the advantages of a card meter, it is not enough to rely on such advanced electric meter to lower electric bills. When it comes to your office, here are several useful tips to save on electric bills.

  1. Upgrade equipment – As consumers become conscious on their energy consumption, different industries have provided new equipment which are more energy efficient compared to their predecessors. If your office is still using old equipment, upgrading your office to new equipment will definitely lower energy consumption.
  2. Switch to laptops – Desktops consume a lot of electricity since it has many separate parts which require electricity. On the other hand, laptop is a single unit which consumes lesser electricity than desktops.
  3. Turn off equipment before leaving – Even if the equipment is not used but as long as it is on then it will consume some electricity regardless if it is on standby mode. Meanwhile, turning off equipment will certainly not consume electricity.
  4. Turn off lights before leaving – Lights still plays a large part of the energy consumption in the office. Having the employees practice switching off the lights before leaving or have a utility worker turn the lights off after office hours can save a lot on electric bills.
  5. Install weather strips – Installing weather strips is advantageous regardless of the season. Extreme heat from the sun cannot penetrate the office whereas heat inside the office is retained during winter. Weather strips do not consume electricity but can lessen the load of air conditioner or heater thus greatly lowering the energy consumption to maintain ideal working conditions.
  6. Modify temperature accordingly – In any season, there are peak hours where temperature is at its lowest or highest. By adjusting the air conditioner or heater output accordingly, energy consumption will be more efficient.
  7. Motion sensor – No matter how much practice and conscious office employees are in turning off lights and other equipment, human error will still occur every once in a while thus consuming electricity unnecessarily. A motion sensor is a great insurance to make sure that all equipment and lights are turned off after office hours.

And now you have many ways to efficiently save on electric bills in your office.