A Business Event Isn’t Complete Without Beer

1681653-poster-1280-beer-bottlesNowadays, hundreds if not thousands of beer companies are operating throughout the world. Some are large and well-known companies while others are operating in a local area. Regardless of the size of operation, all beer companies know that beer bottle packaging is important. And with this, there are companies manufacturing beer bottles to make profit. For someone just starting a new beer business, choosing the right beer bottle packaging will be crucial in the business. Here are some tips on what to consider for your beer bottle packaging.

  1. Availability – Since you are running in business and beer bottles can be broken which cannot be reused, it is important to make sure that your company will have a steady supply of beer bottle packaging throughout the year and for long term. Do not consider beer bottle packaging companies which could stop their operation in just a few years.
  2. Color – Though most beer bottles have darker colors to prevent light from penetrating the beer, you must select a color which can make your company standout while balancing the lifespan of your beer.
  3. Cost – The cost of the bottle should be considered. It must not take a significant part of your profit. It would be pointless if all your sales will just go to purchasing new beer bottles.
  4. Design – Just like the color, the design can help your beer standout from the competition. Making a distinct beer bottle design would be the wiser choice for newly established beer companies. Make sure the beer bottle packaging companies can manufacture your unique design easily. Complicated bottle designs would often mean extra charge.
  5. Logo – The logo is very important. If the beer bottle packaging company can print the logo to your bottles then that would be great. If not, consider different ways to have your logo in the bottle for the market to identify your product from the rest of the beers.
  6. Quality- Beer bottles should not be easily broken nor get affected by low temperature. Try to look for quality bottles which will fit your budget.
  7. Size – The size of the bottle should also be considered. There are many beer companies which provide different sizes of beer bottles. If you are just starting, just focus on getting your product and brand exposed before providing more options for the customers.

Always remember that the quality of your beer bottle should match the quality of your beer. After all, your customer will remember your product the most if your beer tastes great.

Opening Business Opportunities With T-Shirt Personalisation

Business is a high-risk high-return industry. People who engage in business are lured on the big opportunity to gain profits in the market. It also frees people from supervision by being the boss of their own company. And when it comes to getting rich, having a business has a higher chance compared to working for someone else if done properly. However, business is a very challenging affair with thousands of competition.

Even a local business will have several competitors in the area. Companies competing in the same industry will try to outdo one another making it a lot harder to separate and standout from the rest of the competition. Companies will invest a significant amount of its resources for any marketing strategy which help them become the number one in their industry.

There are many marketing strategies companies use to make them more appealing in the market and generate more profits than the competition. One is through advertising which can be done using magazines or television. Another is promotion with their products using discounts or sales. There is also a popular trend in business known as online marketing. It utilizes the power of internet with great reach and low cost. Lastly, using personalised t-shirts both inside and outside the company.

T-shirt customisation has been recently gaining ground among companies. They provide personalised t-shirts to their employees, customers and prospects. T-shirt printing is used by having the company brand, logo or ironed into the t-shirt. The  design will last longer than printed design.EPMD_Business_as_Usual_shirt-300x183

T-shirt customisation provides many business opportunities for the company. When printed t-shirts is used as company uniforms, employees will feel a sense of pride and identity. They know they belong to a company and contributing to the success of the business every time they see the printed design. This boost in moral can lead to improve work performance and satisfaction of the employees. For the loyal customers, getting a personalised t-shirt from the company makes them feel appreciated for their continued patronage of the products and services and their contribution to the growth of the business. By using t-shirt printing and distributing printed t-shirts with company brand, logo or product at the front or back will contribute to advertising the company and increase the business presence of the company over the market.

The cost of using t-shirt printing for the business as a marketing strategy is far cheaper compared to using television or billboards for advertisement. If you haven’t used t-shirt printing for your company, consider utilizing this strategy to open business opportunities for your company and visit http://www.printsome.com/t-shirt-printing-uk.


How To Save Money On Office Supplies

Office supplies are important in running a business. These includes items directly used for business transactions or used by employees in order to function properly during work. These supplies are consumed in regular basis and restocking them frequently will take a chunk of funds. The importance of office supplies for the company operation makes it hard for companies to lower the quantity of supplies distributed in the office. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to cut the cost allocated for supplies. Here are several useful tips in how to save money on office supplies.


  1. Evaluate Inventory & Consumption Rate – Blindly stocking on supplies is not a good idea. Doing a monthly inventory and evaluating the consumption rate of the office supplies will provide a clear picture on which supplies are frequently used and which are rarely consumed.
  2. Research Online Or Offline – Researching on prices and offers by supply companies. Many supply companies will discount office supplies. There are also reviews and feedbacks which can help you check the quality of office supplies.
  3. Avail Loyalty Program – Loyalty programs are one way which companies discount office supplies. Some will also reward loyalty points which can later be converted to free office supplies. Check several supply companies to know which will provide higher discount office supplies.
  4. Purchase In Bulk – Frequently used office supplies will cost less if purchased in bulk. These items will be consumed right away so it will save money and effort when compared to purchasing these items frequently.
  5. Reuse & Recycle – Paper is the most common office supply which can be reused. Non-sensitive documents can be used for printing on the other side for internal use or can be used for other purpose. Check alternative ways to reuse or recycle paper in your office instead of throwing them away.
  6. Use Coupons And Freebies – Newspapers and magazines often include coupons. Watch out for coupons from supply companies. There will always be freebies or discount office supplies which you can take advantage.
  7. Inquire About Purchase Contracts – If you are purchasing from one supplier, inquire about purchase contracts to save money on office supplies. Many companies will give additional discounts on office supplies for clients under contract.
  8. Consider Generic Brands – Though branded office supplies have higher quality than most generic supplies, try out generic office supplies with qualities on par among the branded office supplies. It is also better to check reviews and feedbacks concerning generic supplies to guide you with what office supplies to try. Consider getting small quantities of generic brand until you can be assure of the quality.
  9. Do Not Tolerate Corruption – Office supplies should only be use inside the office and for the business. Refrain from bringing supplies to your house or using them inappropriately.

There are still many ways to save money on office supplies. The important thing is to consider all possibilities and make use of your ingenuity to find ways in using the office supplies efficiently.



How Important Is An FCA Compliance Consultant For Your Business

FCA or Financial Conduct Authority is an independent body in the United Kingdom which regulates the financial activities in the financial services industry. Its functions include regulating financial services provided by firms to consumers and maintaining the integrity of the financial markets in the United Kingdom. FCA has required financial firms to follow a set of regulations in order stabilize the financial market in the UK. Many companies have chosen to hire a compliance consultant in order to help them manage the compliance. Just how important is an FCA compliance consultant for your business and more important a compliance firm?quality2-470x260

  1. Initial Risk Assessment – A compliance consultant will provide an initial risk assessment after evaluating the current compliance procedure of the company. This will help the management to get a clear picture on where their company stands in terms of FCA compliance.
  2. Business Development – Not all companies have set their business in accordance with the FCA regulations. The development of the business might be halt if the business practices of the company violate the FCA regulations. Compliance consultants will help prevent such undesired event in order to ensure continuous business development.
  3. Help With Procedures – FCA compliance consultants will not only provide an initial assessment for the company but will also contribute in developing proper procedures in compliance with the FCA regulations. They will then conduct a regular evaluation which could be monthly, quarterly or annual assessment in order to check if the procedures contribute to the development of the company or if some of these procedures can be refined further.
  4. File Audits – Financial statements are also required from the company to submit to the FCA. Compliance consultants can help organize and file audits that follows the guidelines set by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their assistance could help complete the task faster and free from errors.
  5. Technical Support – A compliance consultant can also provide technical support to the company in case necessary or if included in the contract. This will serve as an insurance for the company in case there are areas that the company had trouble dealing with.
  6. Training – A compliance consultant will not only help the company to comply the FCA regulations but also train company employees or managers to handle the compliance policies appropriately themselves. Compliance consultant firms provide intensive training to make companies independent in managing financial audits and meeting compliance requirements.

Though an FCA compliance consultant is important for your business, it is crucial that the company have complete control over firm and handle the important aspects in compliance. This will ensure that the audits and financial statements are correct. Compliance consultants will only serve as guide and assist the company to meet FCA requirements and regulations.


oby & Kate McCartney: The South-East NLP Training Company

Toby & Kate McCartney is dedicated to helping people improve themselves and those around them by applying NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) methods. They offer certified training courses for NLP practitioners that include well-formed outcomes, representational systems, submodalities, and a lot more. They also have courses for hypnotherapy practitioners, a diploma course for NLP Coaching, as well as Toby’s Coaching Businesses that aims to help you start a smart and successful training or coaching business.

For aspiring trainers, you can take the NLP Trainers Training Program. It will give you the necessary tools in being an effective trainer. The course includes training on how to be an engaging speaker, how to deliver a full NLP syllabus, how to project confidence, and so much more.

Toby & Kate also provide manuals in PDF form for those who want to have study materials to work on which you can find in the website.

You can watch video testimonials of people who have joined Toby & Kate’s programs and see how much they have changed the way they deal with both life and business.

Tobyandkatemccartney.com also offer free weekend courses each month in London, UK called Foundation Weekend wherein you can join and see if NLP is for you. There, you can learn more about how NLP can make you and your business more successful with their help.

Professional Magicians Can Add Fun and Excitement to Staff Parties

A staff party is important for boosting the morale of employees as well as management. This is a chance for them to have fun, mingle with each other, and celebrate all their accomplishments. Choosing the right entertainment is crucial to the success of this event since this serves as the highlight of the evening. Nowadays, the trend is for companies to hire professional magicians to provide entertainment for staff parties.

There are generally two different kinds of magicians. Close-up magicians are those who sit in front of a table and display their magic tricks. They use props such as cups, dices, playing cards, and other small objects. They also go around the room to show party attendants their sleight of hand tricks up close. This type of entertainer is good for smaller parties wherein everyone can be attended to.

The other type of magician is an illusionist — this type is better known as stage magicians. These are performers who work with larger props. Some acts they have in their routine include pulling small animals out of a hat and making objects float in the air. These are the type of magicians who can perform disappearing acts, as well as the illusion of sewing a person in half. These performers are ideal for a bigger staff party, since they would need a stage and plenty of room to set up their tricks.

Most professional magicians have a website that advertises their services. It also includes their contact information, a brief personal background, as well as a sample video that demonstrates their skill set. This is important since this gives potential clients the opportunity to see if their magic tricks will be the right kind of entertainment for their staff party. Some also offer the service of incorporating company giveaways into their magic acts. Clients can coordinate with them ahead of time to make arrangements.

Another advantage of hiring professional magicians is that they are skilled when it comes to managing a crowd. Sometimes staff parties tend to get rowdy, especially when alcoholic beverages are served. Professional magicians know how to manage these types of situations. These seasoned performers can stir the mood of the crowd such that the atmosphere becomes festive as opposed to out of control.

Having professional magicians perform at staff parties is a great idea since they can make these corporate events fun and memorable for everyone.

Guest post by Nick Crown, Wedding Magician in Essex.


Featured: The Lock Father

Managing your home security has never been more important in this day and age. Times are tough and burglary is on the rise, get your security sorted before it’s too late.

A couple of interesting facts from The Lock Father:

– Nearly 60 percent of burglars used forcible entry to gain access to the property. A hugely surprising 32% entered home into the home via an unlocked door, window or other opening without resorting to force.

– Beware: It’s not uncommon for a burglar to hit a home more than once or twice. After all, they already know the layout of the house and have discovered where the “goodies” are left. If you’re the victim of a break in, get home security ASAP to deter the burglars from returning from The Lock Father.


Featured: Kings Cuts Tree Services

Kings Cuts Tree Services is a professional landscaping company that specialises in the maintenance and surgery of trees. The company is based in Dagenham Essex and currently offers their services to clients located in the Romford, Essex, and London. The company takes pride in their tree surgery services and trains all of their staff to ensure a high quality of service to all of their clients. Interested clients may contact the company by calling 0800-311-8733 or by going to their website (http://www.kingscutstreeservices.co.uk).

Kings Cuts Tree Services offers any and all services related to the maintenance of trees. Currently, the company offers size reductions, crown thinning and lifting, clean-outs, pollarding/re-pollarding, felling, poisoning, site clearance, and many more. The size reduction service reduces the size of the tree to make it more manageable as it grows older. The crown thinning and lifting are done to reduce the total number of branches and to encourage the growth of flowers and fruits. Clean-outs are essentially the cleanup of dead wood and any foreign object near a tree’s premises. Pollarding/re-pollarding refers to the removal of top and side branches for the growth of new shoots. Tree felling is the practice of cutting down a tree so that it will be in one piece. This service is often partnered with the poisoning service since owners oftentimes do not want a tree to grow from a felled tree’s stump. Finally, there is the site clearance which is the felling of trees in a location. There are many more services that the company has to offer. For more information, it is best to visit their website by clicking the link in the previous paragraph.

Thanks for submitting your business Jason and we love supporting businesses in the South East!

Importance of Social Media for Small Businesses

It’s a bit harder for small businesses to get the word out because of their restricted resources. No matter how small your business is, it’s important to establish your own identity and to connect to your target customer so the brand will flourish and gain customer loyalty. Start-up and small-scale businesses nowadays depend on social media platforms to establish their brand online and to reach their target audience.

Social media for small businesses has become a critical marketing solution because people these days are much attuned to their social media activities. And because social media is cheaper and faster in terms of accessibility, start-ups and small businesses take advantage of the features offered on social media platforms to further their brand and gross.

According to studies, 80% of consumers are likely to purchase or deal with a brand because of its effective online presence and publicity. The key to exploit the benefits of social media for small businesses efficiently is to map out your business’ social media strategy and use online gimmickry to attract consumers.

Tips When Using Social Media for Small Businesses

  1. Identify Your Target Consumers

It’s important to know the type of consumers that you want to connect with so you can determine the kind of platform/s that you will use. For example, Facebook users are more diverse and abundant that’s why it’s a good platform for start-up brands who want to establish their identity online.

  1. Be Visual

Use pleasant images or even videos of your products and services so social media users can see the actual presentations of the products you’re selling. If you’re managing a start-up restaurant or a mom-and-pop-type eatery, post vivid images of your meals (specifically on Instagram) so users will be curious and tempted to try them out.

  1. Interact with Users

It’s important for small businesses to communicate with their audience so they will feel they’re prioritized, which will then lead to customer loyalty. Answer the queries and comments from social media users and give them additional information if possible. Search your business’ name on Twitter and Instagram (through hashtags) and talk to users if they find your products unsatisfying.

  1. Promos and Discounts

Come up with online promos and gimmicks that will engage your customers to participate. Add the Sharing options to the mechanics so the participants can help spread your promos and help expand your online presence.