Featured: Kings Cuts Tree Services

Kings Cuts Tree Services is a professional landscaping company that specialises in the maintenance and surgery of trees. The company is based in Dagenham Essex and currently offers their services to clients located in the Romford, Essex, and London. The company takes pride in their tree surgery services and trains all of their staff to ensure a high quality of service to all of their clients. Interested clients may contact the company by calling 0800-311-8733 or by going to their website (http://www.kingscutstreeservices.co.uk).

Kings Cuts Tree Services offers any and all services related to the maintenance of trees. Currently, the company offers size reductions, crown thinning and lifting, clean-outs, pollarding/re-pollarding, felling, poisoning, site clearance, and many more. The size reduction service reduces the size of the tree to make it more manageable as it grows older. The crown thinning and lifting are done to reduce the total number of branches and to encourage the growth of flowers and fruits. Clean-outs are essentially the cleanup of dead wood and any foreign object near a tree’s premises. Pollarding/re-pollarding refers to the removal of top and side branches for the growth of new shoots. Tree felling is the practice of cutting down a tree so that it will be in one piece. This service is often partnered with the poisoning service since owners oftentimes do not want a tree to grow from a felled tree’s stump. Finally, there is the site clearance which is the felling of trees in a location. There are many more services that the company has to offer. For more information, it is best to visit their website by clicking the link in the previous paragraph.

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