How To Save Money On Office Supplies

Office supplies are important in running a business. These includes items directly used for business transactions or used by employees in order to function properly during work. These supplies are consumed in regular basis and restocking them frequently will take a chunk of funds. The importance of office supplies for the company operation makes it hard for companies to lower the quantity of supplies distributed in the office. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to cut the cost allocated for supplies. Here are several useful tips in how to save money on office supplies.


  1. Evaluate Inventory & Consumption Rate – Blindly stocking on supplies is not a good idea. Doing a monthly inventory and evaluating the consumption rate of the office supplies will provide a clear picture on which supplies are frequently used and which are rarely consumed.
  2. Research Online Or Offline – Researching on prices and offers by supply companies. Many supply companies will discount office supplies. There are also reviews and feedbacks which can help you check the quality of office supplies.
  3. Avail Loyalty Program – Loyalty programs are one way which companies discount office supplies. Some will also reward loyalty points which can later be converted to free office supplies. Check several supply companies to know which will provide higher discount office supplies.
  4. Purchase In Bulk – Frequently used office supplies will cost less if purchased in bulk. These items will be consumed right away so it will save money and effort when compared to purchasing these items frequently.
  5. Reuse & Recycle – Paper is the most common office supply which can be reused. Non-sensitive documents can be used for printing on the other side for internal use or can be used for other purpose. Check alternative ways to reuse or recycle paper in your office instead of throwing them away.
  6. Use Coupons And Freebies – Newspapers and magazines often include coupons. Watch out for coupons from supply companies. There will always be freebies or discount office supplies which you can take advantage.
  7. Inquire About Purchase Contracts – If you are purchasing from one supplier, inquire about purchase contracts to save money on office supplies. Many companies will give additional discounts on office supplies for clients under contract.
  8. Consider Generic Brands – Though branded office supplies have higher quality than most generic supplies, try out generic office supplies with qualities on par among the branded office supplies. It is also better to check reviews and feedbacks concerning generic supplies to guide you with what office supplies to try. Consider getting small quantities of generic brand until you can be assure of the quality.
  9. Do Not Tolerate Corruption – Office supplies should only be use inside the office and for the business. Refrain from bringing supplies to your house or using them inappropriately.

There are still many ways to save money on office supplies. The important thing is to consider all possibilities and make use of your ingenuity to find ways in using the office supplies efficiently.