Toby & Kate McCartney: The South-East NLP Training Company

Toby & Kate McCartney is dedicated to helping people improve themselves and those around them by applying NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) methods. They offer certified training courses for NLP practitioners that include well-formed outcomes, representational systems, submodalities, and a lot more. They also have courses for hypnotherapy practitioners, a diploma course for NLP Coaching, as well as Toby’s Coaching Businesses that aims to help you start a smart and successful training or coaching business.

For aspiring trainers, you can take the NLP Trainers Training Program. It will give you the necessary tools in being an effective trainer. The course includes training on how to be an engaging speaker, how to deliver a full NLP syllabus, how to project confidence, and so much more.

Toby & Kate also provide manuals in PDF form for those who want to have study materials to work on which you can find in the website.

You can watch video testimonials of people who have joined Toby & Kate’s programs and see how much they have changed the way they deal with both life and business. also offer free weekend courses each month in London, UK called Foundation Weekend wherein you can join and see if NLP is for you. There, you can learn more about how NLP can make you and your business more successful with their help.