Things That Make Office Messy Without Realising It

Buried BusinesswomanPapers

It doesn’t seem much but if you really take the time to sort through all the papers you have, just on your desk alone, you’d see how much space it’s taking up. All the reports, receipts, memos, notes, and more are no joke.


Yes you need pens at the office, but do you need all 43 of them? Chances are you don’t even use half of those and another half of the other half is probably not working already. Toss those that you don’t really need or use.


You don’t know where it comes from and don’t see it piling up and yet they manage to colonise your space. Well, don’t be surprised because even you yourself shed skin cells and contribute to dust. Always remember to give your desk and the rest of your space a regular wipe down.


Jackets, scarves, socks, and gym clothes are fine to have on you just in case you need them. But if you have more than one of each lounging around with the dirty ones piling up, that’s not okay. Pick up your extra bags and make a note to yourself to take it home with you…and wash them!


Cleaning your printer and computer is a basic when it comes to ICS office cleaning, yet we seem to overlook them. It will save the office from having to buy new ones or having it serviced, dirt can often cause them to malfunction unless you take it upon yourself to clean them once in a while.


We all love working whilst sipping coffee or munching on something, but let’s make it common practice to clean after ourselves when spills, dirt, and odours happens due to the food that we’re hoarding on our desk. Office cleaning services only come maybe once or twice a month at the most (unless you hire a regular cleaner); if everybody waits for them to clean their own mess the entire office will look and smell like mess.

Office Knick-Knacks

The office is a place for work, while one or two toys or picture frame is fine, too much will simply make your desk look like a museum. Keep it to a minimum and remember what your desk and space is for at the office.